The perfect pout

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Nothing gives a more perfect, professional finish to a pout than applying some lip pencil. Whether you’re creating a dramatic statement or a natural day time look, it’s always best to create a little definition so that lips look full and finished.

The perfect pout

Lip pencils can also help prevent lip colour from feathering into the fine lines around the mouth. It’s really important to me that all my lip products have skin care ingredients and am happy to say that all my lip liners contain antioxidant Vitamins C and E  to nourish and protect your lips and are mineral oil-free.

The perfect pout

Clay pencil with Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Nude

The following list is a guide to what I think will suit your shade of lipstick and lips pencil.

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Note that the lipsticks do not match exactly to the pencils.

  •    Luxury Matte Lipstick shade Valentina - Port (all skin tones)
  •    Luxury Matte Lipstick shade Red Carpet - Red Velvet (all skin tones)
  •    Micro Bubble lipstick shade Micro Femme - Pretty In Pink (all skin tones)
  •    Luxury Lipstick shade Joy - Taffy (all skin tones)
  •    Lipshine lipstick shades Naked Bronze, Shy, Hush - Coral Nude ( fair skin tones), Cappuccino (for dark skins)
  •    Luxury Matte Lipstick shade Nouveau, Micro Bubble lipstick shade Micro Nude, Lipshine lipstick shade Buff - Clay (for fair skins), Mahogany (for dark skins)
  •    Luxury Lipstick shade Loveable - Mochaberry (all skin tones)
  •    Lipshine lipstick shade Cherub - Clay (for fair skins), Earth Red (for dark skins)
  •    Luxury Lipstick shade Pucker - Teaberry (for light skins), Garnet (for dark skins)
  •    Luxury Matte Lipstick shade Casablanca – Mahogany (all skin tones)
  •    Luxury Lipstick shade Goddess - Cappuccino (for dark skins), Coral Nude (for fair skins)

No pencils for Micro Red or Gigi

Here are a couple of my best Lip tips…..

  • Before applying lipstick or pencil, prep lips with my Retextursing Face Primer to help create a smoother looking lip surface and help lock lip colour into place.
  • Line around the edge of your mouth with my Magic Wand invisible lip pencil. This will fill in any fine lines and create an even better result once you’ve applied pencil and lipstick.
  • It’s always personal choice as to whether lips should be lined subtly or not but my rule of thumb is to apply pencil after lipstick application so that you get a softer, more flattering finish.